As move into spring, we are excited to announce our new partnership with the physicians and staff of Grant Surgicenter, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We will be partnering with Drs. Bierhoff, Lieb, Spodik, Zonshayn, Grossman, and Purewal in their surgery center. This partnership strengthens our position in the Pennsylvania market as a leader in the gastroenterology business, and is our first partnership involving interventional pain management in Pennsylvania. We are excited to work with the physicians and staff at Grant as we grow there going forward.

The physicians at Grant have established excellent reputations not only in their community but also throughout the eastern Pennsylvania region. With the addition of the Philadelphia partnership to our family, Covenant is now a partner in 41 ASCs around the country.

Please join us in welcoming them to Covenant and we look forward to bringing you all more good news throughout the coming months and beyond.

Grant Surgicenter, LLC
2000 Grant Avenue
Suite 101
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Phone: 215.992.6000