Covenant Community Pain Solutions (CCPS) brings interventional pain management to community hospitals, allowing trained physicians to provide interventional pain management procedures to people experiencing chronic lower back and leg pain in the rural hospital out-patient setting.  There are many folks in outlying communities that suffer from chronic lower back and leg pain who may not be able, or willing, to travel into large cities for treatment.  Treating patients in their hometown, at their community hospital, by physicians they know, has been a positive experience for the local populations and for the serving facilities and physicians.

 CCPS chose AmkaiSolutions for our pain program’s electronic medical record (EMR) because of the good experience our parent company, Covenant Surgical Partners, has enjoyed with AmkaiSolutions.  Its thin client enterprise architecture allows for deployment at the community hospital with the data securely hosted and maintained at the data center maximizing uptime.  The nurses and physicians in our community pain settings have shared with us how much easier Amkai is to work with compared with other EMRs they have used.  CCPS is delighted that the use of AmkaiSolutions products for our pain programs will allow us to benchmark against best practices, analyze variations from site to site, allowing our organization to constantly improve on the care we oversee, and stay abreast of the outcomes of our community constituents.

 A certified registered nurse anesthetist who works with us, but also travels and works on myriad of other EMRs, said “I was very impressed with AmkaiSolutions EMR and was starting to get much more comfortable after just a few cases.”